In the studio with "A Place to Return" (Highland Cow)

In the studio with "A Place to Return" (Highland Cow)

Simply put, Aimée Rolin Hoover is a contemporary wildlife painter.

Born in Philadelphia, PA, Aimée developed two obsessions quite early in life: drawing and animals. If she wasn't befriending a wild raccoon, she was scribbling its likeness in her childhood sketchbooks.

But it wasn't until 1999, several years after college, that she was first able to professionally combine her love of art and animals when a friend asked her to paint his dogs. The resulting portrait lead to a rewarding, 13 year career as a pet portrait artist, during which she painted over 150 custom pieces for collectors all over the world.

Aimée still uses animal imagery in her work today, but now finds unending inspiration within the entire animal kingdom. She chooses her motifs—be it a raven, stag, cow or lizard—to convey certain states of wordless emotion. States that she feels animals more truthfully and immediately express because their lack of verbal language and human agenda.

In her recent equine series, Fly Masks, she depicts almost entirely faceless horses, exploring a new balance between what is revealed and concealed of an animal, while still allowing the viewer an emotional connection with the subject.

Much like her childhood drawings, Aimée's work continues to be a strong reflection of her fascination with fauna. Her work is a reminder of its endless diversity and our interconnection with all creatures, big and small.

Aimée currently lives and works in southern California. Her paintings hang in collections in the U.S, Canada, Europe and South America.

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