In the studio with "A Place to Return" (Highland Cow)

In the studio with "A Place to Return" (Highland Cow)

Born in Philadelphia, PA, Aimée lives and works in southern California.

Simply put, I'm a wildlife painter.

My professional career began in 1999 when a friend asked me to paint a portrait of his dogs. The resulting painting lead to a rewarding, decade-long career during which I was honored to create custom dog (cat, bird, and sometimes hedgehog) portraits for clients all over the world.

Six years ago, after a little soul searching, I decided it was time to put pets aside in order to grow as an artist—to step away from familiar subjects, and once again experiment and explore.

That day, the entire animal kingdom became my muse, and still provides me with unending inspiration with which to reimagine the modern wildlife genre.

While my work is a still a direct reflection of my love of animals, I now use animal imagery in my work in order to convey specific states of emotion and connection—states I feel animals offer us on a more immediate, truthful level.

As with pet portraiture, the subjects I now portray every day in the studio serve to remind me of our interconnectedness with nature, all its beautiful and odd creatures, and that we are a part of the larger whole.