Starting Your Portrait

My intention as your artist goes beyond capturing an animal’s likeness on canvas. Whether you’re interested in a custom portrait of a cow, horse, llama or yak, my goal is to create a bold, completely unique piece of artwork that you and your family will be happy with for years to come. And after 13 years of being entrusted to do this work, I’m grateful to say I have a 100% Happy Client track record.

Animal portrait artist Aimée Rolin Hoover's portrait of Lazza, a dachshund.

Working together
The best place to start the portrait process is to email me and tell me what you have in mind. Do you love Piglets? Greyhounds? Cows? Are you looking for a door-sized portrait of a Texas Longhorn? Email me your ideas and let’s chat.

Portrait investment
Prices start at $4500. To receive a detailed price list, information on available canvas formats (I’m now excited to offer circular portraits) and the details of my custom portrait guarantee, please send me an email.

Interior Designers
Are you an interior designer in need of bold, original animal artwork for a specific room, home or project? I work within your parameters—a certain size, format or key color—to create custom pieces that compliment your overall design concept. Please contact me for trade prices.

Because animals give us so much, and many need our help, a portion of every commission is donated directly and/or the