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First and foremost, thank you for your interest in my work. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about any of the paintings you see here on the website. Just shoot me an email via the contact page.

All paintings shown in the galleries are original works. If you are interested in limited edition prints, you’ll find the current offering here.

To receive a comprehensive list of all available work, including large format paintings, pricing and shipping information, please contact the studio directly and the most up to date list will be emailed to you within 48 hours, M-F.


** As of August, 2019 is currently booked. Please contact the studio to discuss projects in 2020.**

If you’d like to work together on a custom piece created specifically for your space, feel free to reach out and let me know what you have in mind. I accept a handful of commissioned pieces each year, and work directly with collectors worldwide. Included below is feedback from past and current clients with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working.


Aimée, I‘m so incredibly grateful! This portrait is so stunning! I can’t believe it…it is far beyond my hopes. Holger and I are hoping you’ll paint (at least) 2 more for us in the future. So maybe you can reserve a spot for us. This painting is a dream and I can’t stop looking at it! I’m sitting in the kitchen at “my place” right now and my eyes are almost constantly on the painting. Thanks a million Aimée…I’m so happy! — Stephanie Von Doehren | Ireland

Aimée, you've been a *delight* to work with...and I love your painting style. I wish I had the 'Donkey' painting that we procured for our client in my own home! Maybe someday I'll get you to paint something for me. But for now, you're on our radar and we'll be calling on you again. — Mark Cravotta, Cravotta Interiors | Texas

I've been a fan of Aimée Hoover's portraits for some time — her skill at capturing the likeness and spirit of animal is unmatched. Her new, large-scale paintings are redefining the genre … these portraits are masterful, iconic and suggest an inner quality rarely seen on canvas. — Cameron Woo, Publisher, Bark Magazine | California

Aimée, the painting is hung and fabulous! I still can't believe how perfect it is for the spot. It is exactly what I would have commissioned, but probably better because I didn't muddy your artistic process with my input. I can't thank you enough- we love it!! The whole family loves it… — Christina Kramer | North Carolina

I received my first Aimée Hoover painting as a gift from some very good friends. Aimée personally delivered the painting to my office and when she unveiled it, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Thank you, Aimée, for giving me the best gift I’ve ever been given. I’m honored to know a woman as talented as you. Your work is a powerful reflection of the love we all feel for our animals and a clear reflection of the love you put into your paintings. — Lisa Erspamer, former Executive Producer, The Oprah Winfrey Show | California

Aimée, I just wanted to let you know how amazing your work is...and the most recent paintings of Adriano and Chile were incredible. You really captured who they are. We recently lost Chile—from old age—and one of the caregivers thankfully bought the painting in the auction. She was so thrilled to get it. Adriano is one of my favorite sheep. [He was] rescued as a lamb from a backyard butcher and one who thankfully has become super friendly and is an amazing ambassador. You truly truly captured them so well. I really just wanted to thank you personally for such amazing representations of these incredible beings! — Susie Coston, National Shelter Director, Farm Sanctuary | New York

Aimée...The portraits EXCEEDED everyone’s expectations! And that they instantly transformed the vibe of the restaurant! I think the sizes are perfect and the amount of color is just right. I will send more pics as I receive them. So relieved and actually a bit emotional that your outstanding work is such an obvious success for the restaurant. Your work is done here, but it will be living strong in Michigan! Thank you, thank you again. — Jennifer C. Flaherty, Interior Designer | California

The painting is unpacked and looks amazing in person!! I’ll let you know were I decide to hang it and send a pic. Thank you so much...feeling very grateful to have such a beautiful piece in my home! — Laura Hart | Virginia

Aimée – I am speechless. It is the most beautiful painting I have ever seen. It is just perfect! I am thrilled beyond words. You have SUCH a talent. It is AMAZING! THANK YOU!! — Amanda Jones, Dog Photographer | Massachusetts

I have snapshots of my dear departed Cookie, but they have nowhere near the spirit and personality of Aimée’s gorgeous portrait. She not only conveyed everything I loved most about Cookie, but imbued the painting with her own lovely energy. I’m stunned by how comforting and sweet it is to have this painting. It has brought his soul into my home even after his body left it. As art and as a personification of love this painting is one of my favorite possessions. Have Aimée paint you a picture. You’ll be SO happy you did! — Martha Beck, Oprah Magazine columnist and author | Pennsylvania

Aimée, thank you so much for your wonderfully creative effort. The portraits are beautiful, brilliantly done, and capture the true essence of Lola and Capone. Since hanging the portraits in our home, Liz and I have received an almost embarrassing volume of compliments and rave reviews. Our friends and family are awed by the quality of your work. The one thing that I have come to appreciate and which many people probably overlook is your kindness, consideration, and patience, which made the entire experience of working with you a pleasure for Liz and me. Thank you so much!  — Liz and Ed Dietz | Mexico

Aimée – Thank you so much for your good humor, your patience and your assistance in getting ‘Homer’ to us safe and sound. It has been a pleasure to work with you over the past couple of months. Most of all, thanks for your hard work and artistry in producing such a magnificent portrait. When I saw the photograph of the portrait you emailed to me, I thought it was great. When I saw the actual portrait itself it was just fantastic!! — Bill Beadling | Italy

Aimée, this is the most special gift I have ever received and I can’t express how much it has meant to me. Again, the likeness you have captured of him (without even meeting him) is absolutely amazing. I wanted you, as the artist, to know how much I love this portrait! It means so much to me and Christoph. It was presented to me during a surprise birthday party and all of my friends and family (and Charlie himself) were just blown away by the likeness and warmness you captured. Not only was his appearance captured, but you brought his personality and his spirit to the portrait. You truly have a gift and I’m sure you have such a warm heart! — Philip | Massachusetts

Dear Aimée – First of all I hope you have a little time because I have a lot to say. Chili’s portrait is outstanding, so lifelike I feel he will speak any minute. (We talk together all the time.) The portrait captures the whole essence of his being. When I look at it (which I do often) I expect him to run to me. All my friends are thrilled with it and give great compliments to the artist. The framing shop called to tell me it was ready and praised it to the skies. I hope you have gathered that I love it. You do beautiful work...this picture has given me so much pleasure. — Jane Mitchell | New York

Aimée, it’s hard to express anything that other clients on your web site haven’t already said. It is incredible what you do working only from a photograph of your subject, it truly is. You are a great artist. I just hope you don’t get so backed up we can’t reach you again in the future. Nicholas was an extremely intelligent high drive Australian Shepherd who we dearly loved and miss each day since he passed. With this painting we have now immortalized the memories of our life together and in that we will find some solitude. What we thought couldn’t be done you did. You have captured every detail of Nicholas’s spirit and beauty in this beautiful painting and we are very proud to have it hanging on our wall. Thank you again. – Kari & Michael Wruck | California

Aimée – Kodi’s portrait arrived today safe and sound and is already up on the wall. I had a special spot just waiting. I don’t know if I have the words to express how wonderful it turned out. I can’t stop looking at it…it’s just beautiful! You so captured his spirit that it brings tears to my eyes. My daughter Megan said it best, "It looks just like a picture, only better. — Julianna | Massachusetts

Aimée, It’s hard for me to talk because it’s so emotional, but the portraits are just gorgeous. They are absolutely beautiful. I have been looking at them all day at work. They are both perfect–perfect–in every way. I can see Goose’s feistiness and Britney’s sense of calm. I just can’t believe what a good job you did and how beautiful they are. I can’t thank you enough. – Sarajean | Connecticut