New Work: “The Horde”

"The Horde" | ©Aimée Hoover | 2014 | 44in x 70in | Acrylic on canvas

Before I painted my first large-scale cow portrait, I had no idea I’d be so smitten with bovines as a subject in general. But “The Horde” actually marks the fourth cow painting in my new series of animal portraits. And it’s a big one—just shy of six feet wide. Here are a few detail pics: [...]

Never Say Never (New Dog Portrait)


First I would like to apologize to all the Bieber fans who accidentally clicked on this blog post…who will undoubtedly be disappointed to discover it’s about dog painting. Onto the post…. After I said adieu to pet portraits and started painting some other subjects, I was contacted by an owner of a German Shepherd mix [...]

More Cow Bell: The Biggest Bovine Painting Yet


(Had to get a cow bell reference in there somewhere.) This gal is the third cow portrait in the new bovine series, and quite the whopper at just short of five by six feet. That makes her my largest animal portrait to date. And I think her sideways glance warrants a close-up pic: This is [...]

Original Cow Portrait #2

Cow #2 - An original animal painting by Aimée Rolin Hoover

As you can see, I’m still on my cow kick and gave color a shot this time around. I still love the graphic quality of black and white paintings, but the richness of her tawny fur seemed to necessitate color. These bovines are certainly demanding some larger than life depictions (check out the next painting [...]

Moe’s Portrait Delivered!

Custom Australian shepherd dog portrait by Aimée Rolin Hoover

Moe, the winner of the 2012 Facebook portrait giveaway, finally touched down in Colorado this past weekend. Thankfully, Jeni (Moe’s owner) and her family were nice enough to snap some pics of the big reveal. Here’s Moe being carefully unwrapped… “Aimée – Thank you SO much for your generosity! Moe is our first dog and [...]

2012 Facebook Custom Portrait Giveaway Winner!

fi_facebook 11th contest

And the winner is…Mo!! Congratulations Jeni Crowder—you are the winner of an $5000 original custom portrait of your awesome dog, Mo! I can’t wait to paint Mo’s portrait, he’s going to make a stunning subject. I’ll get to work on him right after Thanksgiving and will be filming as I go, so everyone can see [...]

Facebook Free Custom Portrait Giveaway!


Ten Schmem…Here Comes Giveaway Eleven! I thought I was finished at 10 free portrait giveaways, which I started back in 2009 when I began my “twitter portraits,” (best explained by Bark Magazine’s JoAnna Lou), but frankly they are just fun to do. Plus a gal can change her mind. So as a big thank you [...]

New Work: A (Big) Cow Portrait


‘Cow” is the first bovine portrait in my new Farm Animal series. I had wanted to paint a cow for years while I was doing mostly commissioned dog portraits, so I was excited to finally have the chance this year. But not before an obsessive-compulsive stretch of research. Like the lunatic I am, I sorted [...]

Painting Progression – 2 Yorkies


Although it’s been two years since I painted the dynamic duo, Lily & Louis, I never put together a painting progression for them, since I had no earthly idea how to do such a thing at the time. So I made my visitors scroll through lots o’ pics. But now I can do all the [...]

Little Pig, Little Pig


This little gal above is the latest piece in my 2012 Farm Animal Series. Here’s how she came together, step by step: Piglet was inspired by a very cute photograph taken by Bob Elsdale, who’s crew in London was nice enough to converse with me via email. This is Bob and team in action…not a [...]