Aimée Rolin Hoover developed two obsessions very early in life: drawing and animals. If she wasn’t luring wild raccoons near with half eaten sandwiches, she was scribbling their likeness in her childhood sketchbooks.

After an art degree from California State Long Beach, and a successful 13 year career as commissioned based pet portrait artist, Aimée switched gears in 2012 to create her first large scale series of domesticated farm animals. Her subject matter has since expanded to include each and every animal she finds herself inspired by, from buffalos to flamingos.

Aimée’s animal portraiture has been described as highly emotive and iconic. Her abil-
ity to capture the inner quality of animals on canvas makes the viewer feel as if he or she knows the subject personally—be it a Hereford cow, an otter, or a snow leopard.

The majority of Aimée’s paintings features a singular animal with a restrained background, in order to encourage the viewer to focus on the animal itself. Having always felt more at peace and grounded with animals around her, she strives to create work that elicits the same sense of wonder and solace that animals can have in person.

Like her early animal scribbles, her current work is a clear and powerful reflection of both her own love for the animal kingdom and its endless diversity, as well as the animals that we consider to be a part of our own families.

Originally from Philadelphia, PA, she currently lives with her husband and their maine coon cat, Sesame, in Redondo Beach, CA. Her paintings hang in private collections all over the world, from the U.S. and Canada, to Europe and South America.